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owners manual Dacia Duster

owners manual Dacia Duster - year of production: 2009 - Dacia Duster owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Dacia Duster, year of production 2009:
Jaune Noir Noir texte Welcome aboard your vehicle This Driver’s Handbook contains the information necessary: – for you to familiarise yourself with your vehicle, to use it to its best advantage and to benefit fully from the all the functions and the technical developments it incorporates. – to ensure that it always gives the best performance by following the simple, but comprehensive advice concerning regular main - tenance. – to enable you to deal quickly with minor faults not requiring specialist attention. It is well worth taking a few minutes to read this handbook to familiarise yourself with the information and guidelines it contains about the vehicle and its functions and new features. If certain points are still unclear too , our Network technicians will be only pleased to provide you with any additional information. The following symbol will help you when reading this handbook: To indicate a hazard, danger or safety recommendation. The descriptions of the models given in this handbook are based on the technical specifications at the time of writing. This hand- book covers all items of equipment (both standard and optional) available for these models, but whether or not these are fitted to the vehicle depends on the version, options selected and the country where the vehicle is sold. This handbook may also contain information about items of equipment to be introduced later in the model year. Throughout the manual, the «approved dealer» is your DACIA dealer. Enjoy driving your new vehicle. Translated from French. Copying or translation, in part or in full, is forbidden unless prior written permission has been obtained from the vehicle manufac- turer. 0.1 ENG_UD39213_13 ENG_NU_1079-6_H79Ph2_Dacia_0 Bienvenue (B90 - L90 - F90 - U90 - R90 - L90 Ph2 - F90 Ph2 - R90 Ph2 - H79 - H79 Ph2 - Renault - Dacia)
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year of production from: 2009

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