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owners manual Toyota RAV4

owners manual Toyota RAV4 - year of production: 2013 - Toyota RAV4 IV 4 owners manual EN

Document: pdf (13.81 MB) 740 pages
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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Toyota RAV4, year of production 2013:
Alphabetical index729 Display Dynamic radar cruise Dynamic radar cruise control 260 control. 260Function 260 Fuel consumption Warning message. 627 information98 Intuitive parking assist 278E LDA (Lane Departure Alert Eco drive mode 205 with steering control)256EDR (Event data recorder)10 Multi-information display.89Electric Power Steering Trip information.90(EPS) 298 Warning message.626Function 298 Do-it-yourself maintenance549Warning light. 616 Doors Electronic key 102 Automatic door locking Battery-saving function. 131 and unlocking system.114If the electronic key does Back door 117not operate properly. 658 Door glasses.156Replacing the battery 585 Door lock. 111, 117Emergency, in case of Open door warning buzzer.131If a warning buzzer Open door warning light/ sounds 615 message.616, 628If a warning light Outside rear view mirrors153turns on 615 Rear door child-protectors114If a warning message Side doors.111is displayed 626 Driver’s seat belt reminder If the electronic key does light. 616not operate properly. 658 Driver’s seat position If the engine will not start 655 memory144If the shift lever cannot be Driving 166shifted from P. 657 Break-in tips167If the vehicle has Correct posture.26discharged battery 660 Driving in the rain167If you have a flat tire. 642 Driving mode select If you lose your keys. 104 switch. 205If you think something is Procedures.166wrong. 613 Winter drive tips315If your vehicle becomes Driving position memory144stuck. 667 Dynamic Torque Control If your vehicle has to be AWD system298stopped in an emergency.605 If your vehicle needs to be towed 607 If your vehicle overheats. 664 RAV4_OM_OM42A41U_(U)
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year of production from: 2013

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Toyota RAV4 IV 4 owners manual
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Toyota RAV4 IV 4 owners manual
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