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owners manual VW Tiguan

owners manual VW Tiguan - year of production: 2011 - VW Tiguan owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle VW Tiguan, year of production 2011:
Instrument explanations ⇒ fig. 11: (1) Speedometer. (2) Tachometer (shows engine revolutions per minute in thousands). The red zone at the end of the scale indicates maximum permissible engine rpm (revolutions per minute) for all gears after the break-in period. Before reaching the red zone, select the next higher gear or selector level position Drive (D), or ease your foot off the accelerator ⇒ . (3) Displays 13. (4) Reset button for the trip odometer display trip. – Push and hold the 0.0 / SET button about one second in order to reset to zero. – Push and hold the 0.0 / SET button for more than 10 seconds to display the vehicle's engine code. You must do this when the ignition is on, but the engine is not running. (5) Fuel gauge 272. (6) Button for setting the instrument cluster clock, the Radio or Radio & Navigation system 1 clock . – With the ignition on, push the ­ ‡ ® button to highlight the hour or the minutes in the clock display. – To advance the clock, push the 0.0 / SET button (7). Press and hold the button to fast forward. – Push the ­ ‡ ® button again to finish setting the clock. (7) Engine coolant temperature display ~ NOTICE x To help prevent engine damage, always avod ihigh engine speeds, full throttle acceleration and heavy engine loads when the engine is cold. x To help prevent engine damage, the tachometer needle should only enter the red zone (warning zone) briefly. Upshifting early into the next higher gear saves fuel and reduces engine noise. 1 On appropriately equipped vehicles, the clocks can also be set via theSett ings menu in the instrument cluster display ⇒ Settings menu.
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