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owners manual VW Tiguan

owners manual VW Tiguan - year of production: 2011 - VW Tiguan owners manual EN

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Side view Fig. 1 Vehicle side overview. Key to fig. 1: (1) Fuel filler flap (2) Roof antenna for: – Mobile phone – Navigation (3) Outside door handles (4) Outside mirror – Additional turn signal light (5) Lift points for the jack (6) Roof rack (7) Side window with integrated antenna (8) Trailer hitch/ball mount receiver

Volkswagen Tiguan For the first time in the history of the car in Los Angeles in December 2006. The production version of the vehicle presented later less than a year later during the Frankfurt motor show. If you are interested in VW Tiguan owners manual check this website. The aggregate was made on the basis of the PQ35 floor plate, which was used to manufacture, among others Audi Q3, Volkswagen Golf V and Touran, and Škoda Yeti. Inside Golf Plus. In 2010, the modernization was completed and completed. In 2011, the car underwent a facelift that made the vehicle similar to the Golf VI model. Changed among others In the case when: Lifting version has retained the interior modernized in 2010.

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