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owners manual Tesla S

owners manual Tesla S - year of production: 2012 - Tesla S owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Tesla S, year of production 2012:
Contents Fluid Reservoirs. 123 Removing the Maintenance Panel125Topping Up Washer Fluid124Checking Brake Fluid123Checking Battery Coolant123Fuses126 Overview 2 Fuse Box Locations131Fuse Box 3129Fuse Box 2127Fuse Box 1126Replacing a Fuse126Jacking and Lifting.132 Interior Overview 2 Jacking Procedure132Parts and Accessories.133 Exterior Overview.3 Parts, Accessories, and Modifications133Body Repairs133 Opening and Closing.4 Specifications.134 Doors. 4 Identification Labels 134 Vehicle Identification Number134Emission Control Label134 Keyless Locking and Unlocking8r Doors with No PowerOpening Interio7Unlocking When the Key Doesn't Work7Walk-away Locking7Drive-away Locking7Child-protection Lock6Interior Locking and Unlocking6Using Interior Door Handles6Using Exterior Door Handles4Using the Key4Windows 9Vehicle Loading.135 Load Capacity Labeling137Roof Racks137Towing a Trailer136Calculating Load Limits135 Opening and Closing9Locking Rear Windows9Rear Trunk. 10 Dimensions and Weights. 138 Exterior Dimensions139Weights138 Opening11Opening with No Power11Interior Release10Adjusting the Opening Height10Closing10Front Trunk 12Subsystems.140 Motor142Battery - High Voltage141Battery - 12V141Suspension141Brakes140Steering140Transmission140 Opening13Opening with No Power13Interior Emergency Release12Closing12Glove Box.14 Wheels and Tires.143 Wheel Specifications148Wheels and Tires Glossary147Uniform Tire Quality Grading145Understanding Tire Markings144Tire Specifications143Wheel Alignment Values143 Opening and Closing14Sunroof15 Opening and Closing15Cup Holders.16 Roadside Assistance. 149 Opening and Closing16 Contacting Roadside Assistance149 Seating and Safety Restraints 17 Instructions for Transporters.150 Use a Flatbed Only152Pull Onto the Trailer and Secure the Wheels151Connect the Tow Chain150Activate Tow Mode150Disable Self-Leveling (air suspension vehicles only)150 Front and Rear Seats. 17 Correct Driving Position19Seat Covers19Head Supports19Raising Rear Seats18Folding Rear Seats18Seat Heaters17Adjusting the Drivers Seat17Seat Belts 20Consumer Information153 Wearing Seat Belts21Seat Belt Warnings21Testing Seat Belts21Seat Belt Pre-tensioners20Wearing Seat Belts When Pregnant20Child Safety Seats 23About this Owner Information.153 Guidelines for Seating Children27Warnings - Child Safety Seats27ety SeatTesting a Child Saf26Attaching Upper Tether Straps26Installing LATCHChild Seats25Installing Seat Belt Retained Child Seats25Installing Child Safety Seats25Seating Larger Children24Choosing a Child Safety Seat23Tesla Built-In Rear Facing Child Seats.28Illustrations154Copyrights and Trademarks153Document Applicability153Location of Components153Errors or Inaccuracies153Disclaimers 155 Usage Restrictions30Warnings - Tesla Child Seats30Seating a Child28Folding28Opening28Airbags. 32Vehicle Telematics/Data Recorders155California Proposition 65155Quality Control155Reporting Concerns.156 Location of Airbags35Airbag Warnings35Airbag Warning Indicator35Inflation Effects34Passenger Front Airbag33Types of Airbags33How the Airbags Work32 Contacting Tesla156Reporting Safety Defects - Canada156Reporting Safety Defects - US156Declarations of Conformity.157 Key and Passive Unlocking System159Radio Frequency Information159HomeLink158Media Control Unit158Tire Pressure Monitoring System157 Driving 36 Driver Profiles 36 Creating a Driver Profile36Saved Driver Settings36Restoring a Drivers Profile36Steering Wheel37 Adjusting Position39Horn39Heated Steering Wheel38Using Voice Commands38Using Right Steering Wheel Buttons37Using Left Steering Wheel Buttons37Adjusting Sensitivity37Mirrors 40 Adjusting Exterior Side Mirrors40Rear View Mirror40Starting and Powering Off.41 Starting Model S41Powering Off41Gears. 42 Shifting Gears42Leaving Model S in Neutral - Tow Mode42Instrument Panel 43 Instrument Panel Overview44Indicator Lights43Lights 47 Controlling Lights50Hazard Warning Flashers50Turn Signals50Cornering Lights50Headlights After Exit49Headlight High Beams47Wipers and Washers51 Wipers51Washers51Brakes. 52 Braking Systems53Parking Brake53Regenerative Braking52Brake Wear52Traction Control54 How It Works54Speed Assist.55 How Speed Assist Works56Limitations and Inaccuracies56Controlling Speed Assist55Lane Departure Warning.57 How Lane Departure Warning Works57Limitations and Inaccuracies57Controlling Lane Departure Warning57Forward Collision Warning.58 How Forward Collision Warning Works58Limitations58Controlling Forward Collision Warning58Visual and Audible Feedback58Traffic-Aware Cruise Control 60 Operating Traffic Aware Cruise Control64Limitations64Canceling and Resuming63Overtake Acceleration62Changing the Set Speed62Instrument Panel Indicator Lights60Park Assist 66 How Park Assist Works67Other Parking Aids67Limitations and False Warnings67Controlling Audible Feedback66Visual and Audio Feedback66Hill Start Assist 68 Trip Information69 Displaying Trip Information69Getting Maximum Range 70 Driving Tips to Maximize Range70Saving Energy70Energy App70Rear View Camera.71 Camera Location71 Using the Touchscreen.72 Touchscreen Overview.72 The Big Picture72Controls74 Controlling Model S Features74Settings.77 Customizing Model S79Erasing Personal Data 77Climate Controls.80 Overview of Climate Controls82Climate Control Operating Tips82Ventilation81Customizing Climate Control80Smart Air Suspension. 83 Manual Height Adjustments84Jack Mode84Automatic Lowering83Location-Based Suspension83Media and Audio.85 Overview8712V Power Socket87USB Connections86My Music & Devices86Favorites86Media Settings85Internet Radio85XM Radio85AM and FM Radio85Phone 88 Bluetooth®Compatibility89In Call Options89Receiving a Phone Call89Making a Phone Call89Connecting to a Paired Phone88Unpairing a Bluetooth Phone88Importing Contacts88Pairing a Bluetooth Phone88Maps and Navigation90 Overview92Updated Maps92Favorite Destinations91During Navigation90Starting Navigation90Using Maps90Calendar.93 Overview94Calendar and Navigation93Security Settings 95 About the Security System95HomeLink® Universal Transceiver.96 About HomeLink96Troubleshooting HomeLink96Programming HomeLink96Connecting to Wi-Fi98 Software Updates 99 Loading New Software99Viewing Release Notes99Mobile App. 100 Model S Mobile App100 Charging101 Electric Vehicle Components101 High Voltage Components102Charging Equipment101Battery Information. 103 About the Battery103Battery Care103Charging Model S.104 Opening the Charge Port107Charging Status106Changing Charge Settings105Charge Port Light105Stopping Charging105During Charging104Plugging In104 Maintenance. 108 Maintenance Schedule108 Service Intervals108High Voltage Safety108Fluid Replacement Intervals108Monthly Checks108Daily Checks108Tire Care and Maintenance.109 Maintaining Tire Pressures112Tire Pressure Monitoring112Using Tire Chains112Driving in Low Temperatures111Tire Types111Replacing Tires and Wheels110Inspecting and Maintaining Tires109Temporary Tire Repair.114 Tire Repair Kit117Replacing the Sealant Canister116Inflating with Air Only115Inflating with Sealant and Air114Cleaning.118 Cleaning the Exterior120Floor Mats120Using a Car Cover120Polishing, Touch Up, and Body Repair119Cleaning the Interior118Wiper Blades and Washer Jets 121 Checking and Replacing Wiper Blades121Cleaning Washer Jets121
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