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owners manual Mini Paceman

owners manual Mini Paceman - year of production: 2013 - Mini Paceman owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Mini Paceman, year of production 2013:
Contents The fastest way to find information on a particu-COMMUNICATIONS 163 lar topic or item is by using the index, refer to 164 Hands-free device Bluetooth page260. 174 Mobile phone preparation Bluetooth 187 Office 4 Notes 195 MINI Connected 7 Reporting safety defectsMOBILITY 199 AT A GLANCE 9 200 Refueling 10 Cockpit 203 Wheels and tires 16 Onboard computer 214 Engine compartment 20 Letters and numbers 218 Maintenance 21 Voice activation system220 Care 224 Replacing components CONTROLS 25 236 Giving and receiving assistance 26 Opening and closing REFERENCE 243 38 Adjustments 244 Technical data 46 Transporting children safely252 Short commands for the voice activation 50 Driving system 60 Controls overview 260 Everything from A to Z 71 Technology for driving comfort and safety 84 Lamps 88 Climate 93 Practical interior accessories DRIVING TIPS 103 104 Things to remember when driving NAVIGATION 117 118 Navigation system 120 Destination entry 129 Route guidance 137 What to do if… Entertainment 139 140 On/off and tone 143 Radio 151 CD player 153 External devices Online Edition for Part no. 01402917368 - © 10/12 BMW AG
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year of production from: 2013

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