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owners manual Audi A3

owners manual Audi A3 - year of production: 2012 - Audi A3 III 3 Sportback instrukcja obslugi PL

Document: pdf (12.67 MB) 130 pages
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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Audi A3, year of production 2012:
Page Fascination 4 Audi A3/A3 Sportback 30 Audi S3 Technology 44 Audi connect 56 S tronic® 46 MMI® – Multi Media Interface 58 quattro® 48 Audi efficiency 60 Suspensions 50 Audi ultra 62 Audi drive select 52 TFSI® 64 Assistance systems 54 TDI® 66 LED headlights Equipment 70 Equipment lines 99 Inlays 74 Audi exclusive 100 Lights and mirrors 76 S line 101 Exterior equipment 80 Audi design selection 103 Interior equipment 84 Style guides 107 Infotainment 88 Paint finishes 110 Assistance systems 90 Wheels/tyres 111 Technology Dialogue: Audi QR codes 92 Seats/seat upholstery 113 Audi Extended Warranty Experience Audi even more directly: download a QR app to your smartphone 98 Headlinings and then scan the QR code or follow the given link in your browser. Other 114 Audi Genuine Accessories 122 Index 118 Technical data 128 The fascination of Audi 120 Dimensions The equipment for the vehicles illustrated in the Fascination section can be found on page 127. The fuel consumption and CO₂ emission figures can be found from page 118 onwards. A3_A3SB_S3_Fas18_2012_09.indd 3 05.10.12 08:34
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year of production from: 2012

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Audi A3 III 3 Sportback instrukcja obslugi
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