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owners manual Audi A3

owners manual Audi A3 - year of production: 2012 - Audi A3 III 3 Sportback instrukcja obslugi PL

Document: pdf (12.67 MB) 130 pages
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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Audi A3, year of production 2012:
AUDI AG The models and equipment versions illustrated and described in this brochure and some of the services listed are not available in all countries. 85045 Ingolstadt Some of the cars illustrated are equipped with optional features for which an extra charge is made. Details concerning the delivery specifications, www.audi.com appearance, performance, dimensions and weights, fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicle were correct to the best of our knowledge Valid from September 2012 at the time of going to press. Deviations from the colours and shapes shown in the illustrations may occur. No liability is accepted for errors and printing errors. The right to introduce modifications is reserved. Not to be reproduced, including in part, without the written approval of AUDI AG. Printed in Germany Audi 233/1230.32.18 This brochure is printed on paper made from pulp bleached without the use of chlorine. BAe3r_liAn3_SMBu_eS_3U_SU_Sa1u8__0290_1B2 _ 109.indd 1 009510801122 0272::5483
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year of production from: 2012

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