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owners manual Peugeot 407

owners manual Peugeot 407 - year of production: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 - Peugeot 407 owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Peugeot 407, year of production 2004 - 2011:
CHECKS 9 CHECKING THE LEVELS Oil change system is pressurised, wait for at least These are normal maintenance It is imperative that this is carried out at one hour after the engine has stopped operations which keep your vehicle the intervals specified and the viscosity before carrying out any work. in good working order. Consult the of the oil chosen must meet the require-Slacken the cap by two turns instructions in the PEUGEOT Network, ments laid down in the manufacturer’s to release the pressure to on the Infotec site or in the servicing servicing schedule. Consult the instruc-prevent any risk of scalding. booklet enclosed with this handbook.tions in the PEUGEOT Network or on When the pressure has the Infotec site. dropped, remove the cap and top up Note: avoid used oil coming into the level. Important: if you have to prolonged contact with the skin. Note: the coolant does not need to be remove/refit the engine style Empty the used oil into the containers changed. cover, handle it with care to provided for this purpose in the avoid damaging the fixing PEUGEOT Network. Used oil clips. Oil filter Oil level Replace the cartridge regularly in Do not dispose of used oil, accordance with the recommendations brake fluid or coolant into  Check the level regularly and top of the servicing schedule.drains or onto the ground. up between changes. Brake fluid change Check the level with the vehicle level, Power steering reservoir the engine having been off for more Use the fluid recommended by the than 15 minutes, using the dipstick. manufacturer, which fulfils DOT4 Use the fluid recommended by the Standards. manufacturer. It is imperative that the brake fluid is  Open the reservoir, with the engine changed at the intervals specified in at ambient temperature. The level Dipstick accordance with the manufacturer’s should always be above the MIN. servicing schedule. mark and close to the MAX. mark. There are two marks on Note: avoid all contact with the skin, the dipstick: the brake fluid is harmful to health and Windscreen and headlamp A = maximum very corrosive. wash level Never fill past this mark.Cooling system For best quality cleaning and for your B = minimum safety, to see and be seen, we would To maintain the reliability Use the fluid recommended advise that you use products of the of engines and emission by the manufacturer.Universal range recommended by control systems, the use PEUGEOT, of particular benefit if your of additives in engine oil is When the engine is warm, the 407 is fitted with Xenon bulbs. prohibited. temperature of the coolant is To prevent damage to the electrical controlled by the engine fan. As this units, avoid washing the engine. fan can operate with the ignition key 112 removed and because the cooling
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year of production from: 2004

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