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owners manual Volvo XC70

owners manual Volvo XC70 - year of production: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 - Volvo XC70 Cross Country owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Volvo XC70, year of production 1999 - 2007:
2002 VOLVO Cross Country 2 0 0 2 VOLVO Cross Country This manual deals with the operation and care of your Volvo. Welcome to the worldwide family of Volvo owners. We trust that you will enjoy many years of safe driving in your Volvo, an automobile designed with your safety and comfort in mind. To help ensure your satisfaction with this vehicle, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the equipment descriptions, operating instructions and maintenance requirements/ recommendations in this manual. We also urge you and your passengers to wear seat belts at all times in this or any other automobile. And, of course, please do not operate a vehicle if you may be affected by alcohol, medication or any impairment that could hinder your ability to drive. Your Volvo is designed to meet all applicable safety and emission standards, as evidenced by the certification labels attached to the driver's door opening and on the left wheel housing in the engine compartment. For further information please contact your retailer, or: In the USA: In Canada: Volvo Cars of North America Volvo Canada Ltd. Customer Relations 175 Gordon Baker Road P.O. Box 914 Willowdale, Ontario M2H 2N7 file:///K|/ownersdocs/2002/2002_XC/02xc_00.htm (1 of 5)12/30/2006 4:04:30 PM
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year of production from: 1999

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