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owners manual Mitsubishi ASX

owners manual Mitsubishi ASX - year of production: 2010 - Mitsubishi ASX RVR owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Mitsubishi ASX, year of production 2010:
Table of contents Overview General information Locking and unlocking1 Seat and seat belts2 Instruments and controls3 Starting and driving4 For pleasant driving5 For emergencies6 Vehicle care7 Maintenance8 Specifications9

The third generation RVR is a compact crossover that was first released on the Japanese domestic market on February 17, 2010. The RVR name is used only in Japan and Canada. In Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Australia, China, Malaysia, Burma, Taiwan, Russia and the Philippines is sold as Mitsubishi ASX (short for "Active Sports Crossover"), and as Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in the United States and Indonesia. In Puerto Rico he uses both ASX and Outlander Sport titles. It is based on the design of the Mitsubishi Concept-cX prototype, which was first presented at the 62nd Frankfurt Motor Show in July 2007. This is a return to the original concept of offering a platform used for the longer Mitsubishi Outlander with limited seating for up to five people, while sharing parts of a longer vehicle, which shows the corporate decision to return Mitsubishi to smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles for larger, truck-based products. He was also exhibited at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show in September of the same year. In Japan, buyers must pay an additional tax due to external dimensions exceeding Japanese government regulations for cars classified as "compact". Asian RVR vehicles are driven by a 4-liter 1.8-liter 4B10 gasoline engine combined with a continuously variable transmission or INVECS-III. American, North American, Singaporean, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Filipino and Australian vehicles obtain larger 4B11 2.0 L and 4B12 2.4 L engines (from 2015MM), while the European ASX uses a new 4A92 gasoline engine with a capacity of 1 , 6 liters. In Europe and Australia, a 1.8-liter turbodiesel with direct injection is also available. With the 2015MY update in Europe, the Mitsubishi 4N1 engine was replaced with the PSA DV6C engine. Almost the entire range of gasoline engines - 1.6L (117 hp), 1.8L (140 hp) and 2.0 L (150 hp) is offered on the CIS market. Mitsubishi focused on highlighting fuel economy and low RVR emissions as part of the company's plan to switch to a smaller and more efficient car manufacturer, in contrast to previous successes in the construction of large SUVs. The vehicle qualifies for the reduction of ecological tax in Japan, and Euro-5 in Europe. In Australia, ASX received a rating of 5 out of 5 stars from ANCAP. The European ASX was exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010, while North American Outlander Sport / RVR was revealed during the New York International Auto Show 2010. From summer 2012, Outlander Sport production will begin at the Mitsubishi plant in Illinois, both for North America and for many export markets.

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