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owners manual Infiniti FX

owners manual Infiniti FX - year of production: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 - Infiniti FX I owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Infiniti FX, year of production 2003 - 2008:
Foreword Your INFINITI represents a new way of the INFINITI Roadside Assistance pro- O ALWAYSgiveyourfullattentiontodriving thinking about vehicle design. It inte- gram. andavoidusingvehiclefeaturesortaking grates advanced engineering and supe-Additionally, a separate Customer Careotheractionsthatcoulddistractyou. rior craftsmanship with a simple, refinedand Lemon Law Information Booklet willO ALWAYSuse your seat belts and appro- aesthetic sensitivity associated with tra-explain how to resolve any concerns youpriate child restraint systems. Preteen ditional Japanese culture. may have with your vehicle, as well aschildren should be seated in the rear The result is a different notion of luxuryclarify your rights under your state’sseat. and beauty. The car itself is important, lemonlaw. O ALWAYS provide information about the but so is the sense of harmony that theREADFIRST—THENDRIVESAFELYproperuseofvehiclesafetyfeaturestoall vehicle evokes in its driver, and the occupantsofthevehicle. sense of satisfaction you feel with the Before driving your vehicle please readO ALWAYSreviewthis Owner’s Manual for INFINITI — from the way it looks andyour Owner’s Manual carefully. This willimportantsafetyinformation. drives to the high level of dealer service.ensure familiarity with controls and main- tenance requirements, assisting you in To ensure that you enjoy your INFINITI tothesafeoperationofyourvehicle.MODIFICATION OF YOUR VEHICLE the fullest, we encourage you to read this Owner’s Manual immediately. It explainsWARNING This vehicle should not be modified. Modifi- all of the features, controls and perfor- cation could affect its performance, safety or mance characteristics of your INFINITI; it durability, and may even violate govern- also provides important instructions andIMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION mental regulations. In addition, damage or safety information. REMINDERSFORSAFETY! performance problems resulting from modifi- Aseparate Warranty Information Booklet Follow these important driving rules to helpcations may not be covered under INFINITI can be found in your Owner’s literatureensureasafeandcomfortabletripforyouandwarranties. portfolio. The INFINITI Service and Mainte-yourpassengers! nance Guide explains details about main-O NEVER drive under the influence of al- taining and servicing your vehicle. Alwayscoholordrugs. WHENREADINGTHEMANUAL carry it with you when you take yourO ALWAYSobservepostedspeedlimitsandThis manual includes information for all INFINITI to an authorized dealer. The port- options available on this model. There- folio contents provide complete informa-neverdrivetoofastforconditions.fore, you may find some information that tion about all warranties covering this ve- doesnotapplytoyourvehicle. hicle, the periodic maintenance required to keep the warranties in effect as well as w07.3.7/S50-D/V5.0X
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year of production from: 2003

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