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owners manual Suzuki Swift

owners manual Suzuki Swift - year of production: 2010 - Suzuki Swift IV 4 owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Suzuki Swift, year of production 2010:
MODIFICATION WARNING .A. WARNING Do not modify this vehicle. Modifica- tion could adversely affect safety, or durability handling, performance, regula- and may violate governmental tions. In addition, damage or perfor- mance problems resulting from modification may not be covered under warranty. 75F135 NOTICE The circle with a slash in this manual Improper installation of mobile com- means "Don't do this" or "Don't let this hap-munication equipment such as cellu- pen". lar telephones or CB (Citizen's Band) radios may cause electronic interfer- your vehicle's ignition sys- ence with tem, resulting in vehicle performance problems. Consult your SUZUKI dealer or qualified service technician for advice on installing such mobile communication equipment.
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year of production from: 2010

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