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owners manual Porsche Cayenne S

owners manual Porsche Cayenne S - year of production: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 - Porsche Cayenne S owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Porsche Cayenne S, year of production 2002 - 2010:
Regularly check your vehicle for signs of Important!Note to owners damage. For your own protection and longer service life of Damaged or missing aerodynamic compo-your car, please heed all operating instructions In Canada, this manual is also available in French. nents such as spoilers or underside panels and special warnings. These special warnings use To obtain a copy contact your dealer or write to: affect the driving behavior and therefore the safety alert symbol, followed by the words must be replaced immediately.Danger, Warning and Caution. These special Note aux proprietaires Your car may have all or some of the components warnings contain important messages regarding Au Canada on peut se procurer un exemplaire de described in this manual. your safety and/or the potential for damage to ce Manuel en français auprès du concessionaire Should you have difficulty understanding any of your Porsche. Ignoring them could result in seri-ou du: the explanations of features or equipment installed ous mechanical failure, physical injury, or death. in your vehicle, contact your authorized Porsche Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. dealer. He/She will be glad to assist you. Also f Do not alter your Porsche. Any alteration could Automobiles Porsche Canada, LTEE check with your dealer on other available options create dangerous conditions or defeat safety or equipment. engineering features built into your car.5045 Orbitor Drive Throughout this booklet, left is designated as the f Do not misuse your Porsche. Use it safely, and Building #8, Suite 200 driver's side of the vehicle, and right as the pas-consistently with the law, according to the driv-Mississauga, Ontario senger's side of the vehicle.ing conditions, and the instructions in this man-Canada L4W 4Y4 Text, illustrations and specifications in this manual ual.Telephone number for customer assistance: are based on the information available at the time Alteration or misuse of your Porsche could 1-800-PORSCHE / Option 3 of printing. cause accidents and severe or fatal personal It has always been Porsche's policy to continuous-injuries. ly improve its products. Porsche, therefore, re- serves the right to make changes in design and specification, and to make additions or improve- ments in its product without incurring any obliga- tion to install them on products previously manu- factured. We wish you many miles of safe and pleasurable driving in your Porsche. 3
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year of production from: 2002

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