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owners manual Land Rover Range Rover

owners manual Land Rover Range Rover - year of production: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 - Land Rover Range Rover II 2 P38A owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Land Rover Range Rover, year of production 1994 - 2002:
SECTION1 Introduction OWNER’SHANDBOOK Section Contents Page This handbook covers all current versions ofService Portfolio 3 the 4.0 and 4.6 litre V8i petrol engine and 2.5Engine compartment labels . 4 litre diesel engine Range Rover models and,Vehicle identification number. 5 together with the Service Portfolio book,Anti-theft precautions 5 provides all the information that you will needBreakdownsafetycode 6 to derive maximum pleasure from owning and driving your new vehicle. For convenience, the handbook is divided into sections, each dealing with a particular aspect of driving or caring for the vehicle. Sections are listed on the contents page and you will find it worthwhile to take a little time to readLand Rover operates a policy of each one, and to get to know your Rangeconstant product improvement and, Roverassoonasyoupossiblycan.therefore, reserves the right to change Remember,themoreyouunderstandbeforespecifications without notice at any you drive, the greater the satisfaction whentime. Whilst every effort is made to you are seated behind the steering wheel.ensure complete accuracy of the information in this handbook, no liabilities for inaccuracies or the consequencesthereof, including loss or damagetoproperty,orinjury to persons, can be accepted by the manufacturer or the dealer, except in respect of personal injury caused by the negligence of the manufacturer or the The specification of each vehicle will varydealer. according to territorial requirements andAll rights reserved. No part of this also from model to model within the vehiclepublication may be reproduced, stored range. Some of the information published inin a retrieval system or transmitted, in this handbook, therefore, may not apply toany form, electronic, mechanical, your particular vehicle. photocopying, recording, or other If you are in any doubt, then contact yourmeanswithout prior written permission Dealer. from Rover Group Limited. 1
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year of production from: 1994

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Land Rover Range Rover II 2 P38A owners manual
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Land Rover Range Rover II 2 P38A owners manual
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