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owners manual Audi A4

owners manual Audi A4 - year of production: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 - Audi A4 B8 owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Audi A4, year of production 2008 - 2015:
document_0900452a81b1b9de.book Seite 19 Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007 9:16 09 Instruments and warning/indicator lamps 19 Applies to vehicles: with cruise control system Fault on the electronic differential lock (EDL) Cruise control  The EDL works in conjunction with the ABS. If a malfunction should occur in the EDL, this is indicated by the ABS warning lamp . The indicator lamp  in the instrument cluster lights up when the Please take the vehicle to a qualified workshop as soon as possible. cruise control system is operating. For further information on the EDL ⇒ page 222. Anti-lock brake system (ABS)  WARNING The warning lamp monitors the ABS and the electronic • Before opening the bonnet and checking the brake fluid level, differential lock (EDL). observe the warning information on ⇒ page 255, “Working on components in the engine compartment”. The warning lamp  lights up for a few seconds when the ignition • If the brake warning lamp  should light up together with the is switched on and while the engine is being started. The lamp goes ABS warning lamp , stop the vehicle imm ediately and check the out again once the system has run through an automatic test brake fluid level in the reservoir. If the fluid level has dropped sequence. below the "MIN" mark you must not drive on - otherwise there may There is a fault in the ABS if: be an increased accident risk. You should obtain professional • the warning lamp  does not light up when the ignition is assistance. switched on, • If the brake fluid level is OK, the fault in the brake system may • the warning lamp does not go out again after a few seconds, have been caused by a failure of the ABS control function. As a result the rear wheels can lock relatively easily when braking. This • the warning lamp lights up when the vehicle is moving. could cause the tail of the vehicle to skid sideways. Drive carefully The vehicle can still be braked in the normal way (except that the to the nearest qualified workshop and have the fault rectified. ABS control function is out of action). Please take the vehicle to a qualified workshop as soon as possible. For further information on Applies to vehicles: with Audi hold assist the ABS ⇒page222. Audi hold assist  If a fault occurs in the ABS, the ESP warning lamp will also light up.This warning lamp monitors th e Audi hold assist function. Fault in the main brake system Audi hold assist helps the driver to keep the vehicle stationary while If the ABS warning lamp  lights up together with the brake the engine is running, for instance on steep gradients, at traffic warning lamp  ⇒page32, this indicates a fault in the ABS func-lights or in stop-and-go traffic. When the Audi hold assist function tion, and possibly a malfunction in the main brake system as well is on, you don't have to keep your foot on the brake to prevent the ⇒ . vehicle from accidentally rolling away. Once it detects that the If there is a malfunction in the brake system the symbol  will light vehicle is stopped, Audi hold assist keeps the vehicle stationary. The up in the instrument cluster. Please refer to ⇒ page 32. green symbol  in the instrument cluster indicates that the func- tion is activated. You can now take your foot off the brake pedal. Controls Safety Driving tips General maintenance Self-help Technical data
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year of production from: 2008

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