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owners manual Land Rover Defender

owners manual Land Rover Defender - year of production: 1983 - Land Rover Defender III gen owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Land Rover Defender, year of production 1983:
L Auxiliary input (AUX IN) socket Auxiliary input (AUX IN) socket AUXILIARY INPUT SOCKET WARNINGS Make sure that any auxiliary devices are stored securely while the vehicle is in motion. Any loose objects can present a serious hazard during sudden manoeuvres, emergency braking or an accident. Do not place any item connected to the auxiliary input socket or the auxiliary power socket on the vehicle’s seats, carpets, E84604 or other upholstery. The heat generated by Auxiliary audio devices are connected via the these devices may cause damage to the 3.5 mm stereo jack socket. If fitted, the upholstery, or in extreme cases, a vehicle fire. auxiliary audio socket is situated at the bottom Do not leave any aux iliary input devices right of the audio unit. connected while the vehicle is left unattended. There is a risk of heat damage or Auxiliary mode fire, in addition to the risk of theft. CAUTION Read the manufacturer's instructions for any device before it is connected to the vehicle's audio system. Keep to any instructions about connection and operation and make sure that the device is suitable. Failure to do so may result in damage to the vehicle's audio system or the auxiliary device. AUX (Auxiliary Input) mode allows extra E85379 equipment to be connected to the vehicle's To listen to an auxiliary input source, switch on audio system. Items such as a personal stereo, and connect the device to the jack socket. MP3 player, hand-held navigation unit etc., can Press and release the MODE button repeatedly be plugged in to the vehicle's audio system. until AUX mode is displayed on the screen. The Note: The volume levels and sound quality audio unit will start playback automatically. available from devices connected to the auxiliary inputs may vary widely. If the connected audio device is equipped with a line out socket as well as a headphone socket, the line out socket should be used. 168
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year of production from: 1983

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Land Rover Defender III gen owners manual
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