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owners manual Subaru Outback

owners manual Subaru Outback - year of production: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 - Subaru Outback Legacy IV 4 owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Subaru Outback, year of production 2009 - 2014:
8 &Modification of your vehiclein the front passenger’s seat. For further&California proposition 65 information, consult your veterinarian,warning CAUTION local animal protection society or pet shop. WARNING Your vehicle should not be modified other than with genuine SUBARU&Tire pressures Engine exhaust, some of its consti- parts and accessories. Other types tuents, and certain vehicle compo- of modifications could affect its WARNING nents contain or emit chemicals performance, safety or durability, known to the State of California to and may even violate governmentalDriving at high speeds with exces-cause cancer and birth defects or regulations. In addition, damage orsively low tire pressures can causeother reproductive harm. In addi- the tires to deform severely and to performance problems resulting tion, certain fluids in vehicles and from modification may not be cov-rapidly become hot. A sharp in-certain components of product wear ered under warranties. crease in temperature could causecontain or emit chemicals known to tread separation, and destruction ofthe State of California to cause the tires. The resulting loss of cancer and birth defects or other &Driving with pets vehicle control could lead to anreproductive harm. Unrestrained pets can interfere with youraccident. driving and distract your attention fromCheck and, if necessary, adjust the driving. In a collision or sudden stop, &California Perchlorate Advi- unrestrained pets or cages can be thrownpressure of each tire (including the spare)sory around inside the vehicle and hurt you orat least once a month and before any long journey. Certain vehicle components such as air- your passengers. Besides, the pets can bag modules, seatbelt pretensioners and behurtunderthesesituations. It is also forCheck the tire pressure when the tires arekeyless entry transmitter batteries may their own safety that pets should be cold. Use a pressure gauge to adjust thecontain perchlorate material. Special properly restrained in your vehicle. Re-tire pressures to the values shown on thehandling may apply for service or vehicle strain a pet with a special travelingtire placard. For detailed information, referendoflife disposal. See www.dtsc.ca.gov/ harness which can be secured to the rearto “Tires and wheels” F11-30.hazardouswaste/perchlorate. seat with a seatbelt or use a pet carrier which can be secured to the rear seat by routing a seatbelt through the carrier’s handle. Never restrain pets or pet carriers
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year of production from: 2009

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Subaru Outback Legacy IV 4 owners manual
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