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owners manual Land Rover Defender

owners manual Land Rover Defender - year of production: 1983 - Land Rover Defender III gen owners manual EN

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text version of content this owner's manual page from owners manual to the vehicle Land Rover Defender, year of production 1983:
R Alarm Alarm • Indicator flashes rapidly for 10 seconds ARMING THE ALARM The alarm system is automatically when the remote lock button is pressed, armed, and the engi ne immobilised, then adjusts to a slower frequency - the when the remote lock button is alarm has been armed. pressed. The hazard lamps will flash to indicate • If the indicator fails to adjust to a slower that the alarm is armed. frequency after the initial 10 second Once armed, the alarm will sound if:- period, the remote control battery needs • a door, the bonnet or the taildoor are replacing. opened. • Indicator flashes rapidly when the alarm is • movement is detected within the vehicle disarmed - the alarm has been triggered. interior. • Indicator flashes slowly - the engine is • the vehicle battery is disconnected. immobilised, but the alarm is disarmed. • an attempt is made to disconnect the alarm • Indicator illuminates (w ithout flashing) for siren. 10 seconds before adjusting to a slow frequency flash - the driver's door is not Note: If the alarm is armed and a window or the closed. sunroof are left open the alarm will sound due Engine immobilisation to movement of air currents. Alarm indicator Engine immobilisation prevents the engine from being started without a valid key and remote control and is activated whenever the alarm is armed using the remote control. In addition, the immobiliser activates automatically under the following conditions: • Thirty seconds after the starter switch has been turned off and the driver's door is opened. • Five minutes after the starter switch is turned off or after the alarm system is disarmed (if the starter switch has not E85180 been turned on). The alarm status is displayed by the indicator in Note: Details on how to deactivate engine the speedometer. immobilisation are given later in this section. • Indicator off - alarm disarmed. See DISARMING THE ALARM (page 36). 35
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